Wellness IQ Quiz


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1. Eating habits: I do NOT consume sodas/sugar/ white flour/White Rice/Junk Foods/Dairy [cow’s milk & Cheese]
2. I drink a minimum of 2 L+ [65 OZ] daily of pure water. A Full state of Hydration is key to optimal health.
3. I eat more alkaline foods [healthy foods] than acid foods [junk foods]. pH 7.35 is the optimal pH.
4. I exercise a minimum of 40 min. of aerobic + weight training 3 to 4 times per week. No substitute for daily exercise.
5. I have 5+ healthy deep belly breathing hourly not from the chest. Deep Belly breathing is extremely powerful.
6. I have deep [REM Sleep]. 11PM to bed. 5AM to rising. Deep and regular sleep is essential for optimal health.
7. I manage my stress well [daily meditation and relaxation]. Handling daily stress is essential to optimal health.
8. I have good short and long term Memory. No Dementia. If you follow the above 7 tips; you will have a healthy memory.
9. I take high Bio-available multivitamins/minerals/Probiotics/ antioxidants daily.
10. I minimize the usage of OTC Medications/ Rx Medications/Toxic Chemicals.